Just left Greece. Been in turkey for a couple of days. This nigga just started shining my damn lamb skin $230 Clark’s and fucked them all the way up. I’m pretty hot. Like, extra pissed. My fucking boots look soaking wet. Damnit. I’m done. Going to hitch rides till I reach Dubai. Pictures soon.

—Hasani Amun

Anonymous asked: can you post a selfie. Please!

self portrait - 2008

self portrait - 2008

The days following my “why the hell did I do that” moment(s) bring me the most inspiration. A sense that I should redeem myself, if you will.

—Amun Hasani-Ahk

Anonymous asked: when and why did you convert to islam?

about a year ago. and because one day i was like “fuck white jesus…” to be COMPLETELY honest.

Anonymous asked: you're actually kinda cute though.



My attempt at creating caricatures of the Wu Clan.